Trekking while I bled to death….

Would you ever want to get your root canal done while you are getting waxed? No, right? Because that doesn’t make sense. It’s like watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind after undergoing a h eartbreak. Or having bitter gourd before gulping down a refreshing glass of radish juice.

They come a close second to scaling up a series or possibly an eternity of mountains while your period decides to pull one on you on the day you have chosen to embark on an ‘enriching’ and ‘fulfilling’ journey to heal your soul.

So, while I stood there at the foothills, oblivious to the conspiracy hatched by my organs, boasting to my friends how  I am so experienced and understand the nitty-gritty’s of trekking, my endometrium pulled all stops to unleash the period fury on me.

All of a sudden your inner Lara Croft turns to Cruella de ville.

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From there on, it was a day full of surprises, some pleasant, some not so amusing. But the view made up for most of the unpleasantness.


And these two beauties too!


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Image Source:Google

While my stomach wept, cursed and spat, my heart kept on humming the Hobbit theme. And soon, I was treated with this view.


Our trek guide was a mysterious being who had this weird habit of sneaking up on us. Smoking up, he scaled up those serpentine lengths like it was no pain, while we trudged on, with our legs wanting to dislodge themselves from our demanding selves.

There were times when I wanted to just crawl behind a rock and wait for a benevolent (and preferably hot ) guy to show up and carry me in his arms, but it was no fairy tale and I was anything but Princess Charming, so we kept climbing up.

Finally, the inviting gates of the camp were in sight and all of a sudden we walked with a revived resolve. My brave friend Monisha and I got so excited that we decided to try the rockier and treacherous way of reaching the gates, much to the dismay of our guide.

At last, we were greeted by the site of tiny camps and a sky that looked like it had been studded with millions and millions of diamonds.


As I walked in, every last strand of tiredness was sucked out of my body.  The song of the crickets and the  and the waves of mountains were so therapeutic that all I wanted to do was settle there and never leave.

So, I decided to do the next best thing, I came back with these lessons:

  • Never go out without a bunch of stayfrees. They’re your besties till meno pauses itself!
  • Never say no to trekking. Better, never say no to mountains, they are the best boyfriend material. Strong, sturdy and they also let you finish…talking
  • Invest in a good pair of shoes. There were times when I would slipped off the face of this earth because of my stylish but useless shoes.
  • Pack some nuts, chocolates and drink from the spring!
  • Go with someone who knows how to light a fire
  • A hat, for a mad hatter and Sunscreen!

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