To my uneven self

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

If you were inside my head, you would think of it as a never ending maze. There is no beginning to my thoughts, nor is there an end in sight, they just crash into each other and add to the chaos.

For instance, while typing this I had to wade through an array of thoughts ranging from ‘what will I wear tomorrow’ to the ‘importance of sadness in our lives’ to the images of kittens and squirrels running about doing what they do.

My thoughts are like my skin tone-uneven. I want them to be uniform, I want them to behave. My thoughts are restless, just like my hair-unruly and adamant. Jumping from one train to another, unbridled.

My nails are always chipped. My left hand nails are painted a garish maroon, while the right hand  nails have an abundance of oxygen.  Oh, and you should see me smile, a quirky lopsided grin, looks silly but more often than not is genuine. 🙂

But then my unevenness make me, me.


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