It’s plastic and fantastic!

From clogging unsuspecting drainage systems, to asphyxiating unsuspecting cattle folk, plastic has been helping humankind in quickening the destruction of planet earth. And yet, every day it is the embodiment of the same word that peeks out of every nook and corner of our homes.

Lipstick forced to stay behind burqa

When I was in the eighth grade, our school was meant to show us a series of videos on Sex Education. On the day, the screening was to begin the class was in full attendance. While the class eagerly awaited the screening with sheepish smiles, our Moral Science teacher entered the class and grimly notified us that the class on sex Education would happen in our fantasies and we should instead focus on straightening our morality. Had they gone ahead with those screenings, it wouldn’t have taken me four years to learn that sperms were not amoeba like and can’t crawl up one’s navel button.